M.K. (Petroleum Landman)

Bastrop, Texas

“Thanks! I ordered 4 suppressors from Capitol Armory last Saturday. I talked with my wife last night and the next day that she is off, we are going to call and book a time to come in and see your wife about a will and estate planning matter. Again, thanks for everything.” (03/04/2020)

R.D. (Director, Information Technology, Large Corporation)

Dennison, Texas

“I cannot thank you enough, this experience far exceeded my expectations in terms of ease and speed. I have already recommended you to several people, and I will be sure to do the same for everyone I know who has dragged their feet because of the perceived complexity of the process.” (amendment and restatement of a 2011 gun trust prepared by a Dallas attorney) (02/13/2020)


Georgetown, Texas

“This whole experience has been great! Don’t get me wrong, but I had no idea that it would go this fast and this smooth. I have yet to get a voicemail, busy signal, delay, or any other misstep that would cause problems, confusion, or additional time and money. I can’t buy my lunch at McDonalds and it go this well. If possible, I would like to someday stop by and meet Jim in person and shake his hand and thank him for his services. I don’t know if I will ever get that chance, but please understand that I would like to do that. I think he is doing the right thing for the right reasons. Thanks again and you all have a great day.” (04/26/2019)

D.C. (Executive Director, Charitable Foundation)

Marble Falls, Texas

“I went with a gun trust for several reasons, but mostly so my wife could legally open the safe with the NFA stuff in it when I wasn’t home. If you’re interested in a trust I highly recommend James N. Willi in Austin. He’s the only lawyer I’ve ever dealt with that did exactly what he said he would do, when he said he would do it, and for the price he quoted.”

H.A. (Hays County Sheriff’s Office)

Caldwell County, Texas

“Thank you very much. You made this process very simple, easy, and quick. I will certainly refer people to you.”

C.H. (Pilot)

Houston, Texas

“Thank you for preparing the trust and answering my questions. I am very glad I decided to go the route of talking to a ‘real’ lawyer experienced in the formation of these trusts and not buy an online, generic packet!”

T.G. (U.S. Customs & Border Protection)

Del Rio, Texas

“Outstanding! What a breeze!!! I can’t thank you enough for all of your help! Your knowledge of everything that I was unsure about really gave me a wonderful piece of mind during this process. I can honestly say you are squared away, and it shows through your work ethic! Thank you for being a phone call away for even the simplest questions! I will most definitely spread the good word of your services!”

R.D. (Police Officer)

Universal City, Texas

“Thanks for all your help. You made the process easy and simple. You answered all my questions and provided any help I needed. Just received my approved Form 1 for my SBR. Have recommended you to all my friends who are apprehensive about doing a gun trust. Eased their worries and let them know that you can handle their situations, questions, and make the process easy and affordable. Thanks again!”

G.S. (Attorney)

Denton County, Texas

“I would highly recommend Jim Willi. Although I am an attorney, I would not trust myself to draft a bullet-proof (no pun intended) NFA Trust because it is such a specialized, technical document. After thorough research, I came to the conclusion that Jim was the best man for the job and produced the best product. I have not been disappointed; so far I have not had any hiccups with the ATF on account of my trust documents. Jim’s customer service is excellent as well: (i) my trust was provided in under an hour (distance does not matter since I live in the Dallas area and Jim is in Austin); (ii) Jim provided me with easy-to-follow instructions on how to file Form 1 and Form 4 documentation; (iii) Jim has repeatedly answered my questions (whether by phone or email) in a timely fashion; and (iv) Jim has offered to review my paperwork before I submit my Form 1 to the ATF. Jim is an excellent attorney and also a gun guy who figured out how to draft a NFA trust for his own use before offering his expertise to the public. My experience could not have been better. If you want a trust that will work (and some excellent customer service), in my opinion, Jim is the man.”

R.P. (Deputy Sheriff)

San Marcos, Texas

“Thank you for making this a very simple process. I was initially worried that the paperwork would take forever!”


San Antonio, Texas

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful NFA trust and service, sir. I’ve had five suppressors and two SBR’s approved so far. My only regret is that I didn’t do it 10+ years ago!! I give everyone that asks who did my NFA trust your name and telephone number. Thank you again, sir.”


T.M. (U.S. Army Special Forces)

Williamson County, Texas

“Jim, Thank you for the quick turnaround. Your firm truly is a one-stop shop.”


Denton County, Texas

“All the reviews you have received are spot on. What a wonderful and painless experience this has been. I most definitely will recommend your services to anyone I know looking for a gun trust.”


Helotes, Texas

“Jim Willi definitely exceeded all my expectations going into this process.  I sent him an e-mail and within an hour my phone rang.  Jim had all my documents sent to me and ready to print in just a few hours.  No kidding, it was quick and efficient.  I had my silencer ordered and lower engraved that week.  I even sent my step-father his way to prepare his trust as well.  Jim was also very helpful with clearing up any questions filling out ATF Form 1.  I wish I would have called him sooner.”


Gonzales, Texas

“Jim Willi is the best!  I called Jim for information on an SBR and a silencer.  He set up a gun trust for me within a couple of hours of getting my information.  I was able to purchase my suppressor and submit my ATF Form 1 for my SBR all in the same day.  I was having trouble filling out my Form 1 on the ATF’s eform website, so I called Jim at 5:00 p.m. (on a Friday).  He answered and was glad to walk me through the process over the phone.  The thing I really like about Jim Willi is that, when you call his firm, you get to talk to him.  At some other places I called prior to settling with Jim, I had to speak with a receptionist.  I would recommend Jim to anyone wanting to set up an NFA trust because not only do you get a professionally written gun trust, but you also get the personal attention from Jim and that meant more to me than anything.  Thanks again, Jim.”


Houston, Texas

“Jim made the process of getting my trust fast and painless.  After speaking with Jim for an hour, I had my trust documents an hour later.  He took the time to answer all of my questions thoroughly both before and after drafting my documents.  I highly recommend Jim to anyone looking to set up their trust.”


Fort Worth, Texas

“Jim – I just wanted to take the time to thank you for setting up my NFA Trust.  You truly made the process as easy as it possibly could be and the help you gave me once I was actually purchasing my silencer was invaluable.  Thanks again!!  By the way I ordered that AAC 762 SDN from Silencer Shop today.”


Sugar Land, Texas

“After considering a few different attorneys and their styles of setting up NFA trusts, I decided to call Jim Willi.  He spent about 20 minutes answering all of my questions to my satisfaction and had the completed documents to me within the hour.  Follow-up service has been excellent!   A week after the trust was created, I decided to reorganize the trust and sent him an email with my requests.  A response was received within four minutes and the revised documents were received within 14 minutes!  Customer service has been excellent, and I will be recommending him to fellow shooters and friends.”


Bell County, Texas

“I want to thank you for your assistance, patience and promptness in setting up my NFA Gun Trust and submitting suppressor application packets to the BATF.  It was a big plus that questions, trust and transaction were done via phone and internet. You are someone that believes in our Second Amendment rights and the right to lawfully possess firearms and suppressors to responsible U.S. citizens.  I must also add that your fee is very reasonable.  I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone interested in a NFA Gun Trust.”

Mickey R.

Van Zandt County, Texas

“I have been using Jim for my NFA Gun Trust needs for over nine years. He does excellent work and his forms and instructions are user friendly for the layperson which is most important, his fees are very reasonable, he always returns calls quickly and stays on top of the latest gun laws and legislation and keeps his clients advised accordingly; I highly recommend Jim!” (05/22/2023)

Ryan D.

Magnolia, Texas

“I must say your gun trust looks exponentially better than any other gun trusts I have seen. Makes me feel a lot better about it.” (12/28/2021)

Barry A.

Plano, Texas

“I visited Rifle Gear and picked up four new suppressors. The guy taking care of the paperwork remarked “Oh good, it’s one of Willi’s trusts. I know they’re good and never have problems with them.'” (04/26/2021)

Chris K.

Denton, Texas

“I can not tell you how much I appreciate your thoroughness and the step-by-step instructions you’ve provided in this email. I had some questions about NFA Form 1 and am very happy with how clear and detailed you have laid out the steps I will need to take to move forward. I’m glad I found you through Western Sport and I’ll be sure to recommend you any chance I get.” (04/08/2021)

John T. (Class 3 Dealer)

Lewisville & Farmers Branch, Texas

“I just wanted to reach out to say THANKS to you and your team!! I have heard nothing but great things from my customers at Eagle Gun Range, since we started referring them to you for their NFA trust needs. They appreciate your ability to get their trusts completed so quickly and with us doing notary, fingerprints/photos it really gets the process going much quicker. I also really appreciate you taking care of the employees that have contacted you for trusts. The more of them that get into the NFA game, the more they are able to help our customers with their purchases.” (03/30/2021)

Michael S.

New Boston, Texas

“I have now read your trust a couple of times, and am impressed with it. It is elegant, and the various pieces fit together nicely. Plus, it is only about half the size of many of my other trust documents, and I appreciate brevity and common English. This trust makes my son’s Silencer Shop trust look like amateur hour.” (12/09/2020)

Sky S. (Class 3 Dealer)

Levelland, Texas

“Morning! Can you send me a stack of cards to hand out to customers at SS Outfitters, so you can do their NFA trust? Everyone seems to be really impressed so far with how easy you make it.” (03/05/2020)

T.L. (Real Estate Broker)

Houston, Texas

“Thank you for turning that around so quickly. I just read everything and got it signed and notarized. Again, I appreciate your help getting set up and making it easy. I already gave your contact info to a buddy in my office that is in the market for a suppressor. Thanks again! You have a first class operation!” (03/04/2020)

K.L. (Chief Operating Officer)

San Antonio, Texas

“Thanks for your help and for taking care of all of our Mission Ridge customers!!” (02/14/2020)

T.S. (Corporate Attorney)

Plano, Texas

“Thanks again so much for all your help through this. You have a great product and great information on your website. Stellar work!” (07/18/2019)


Waxahachie, Texas

“Perfect!! Very efficient process. You certainly live up to your reviews, and I will be happy to recommend you to everyone interested in a gun trust.” (10/30/2018)

D.R. (Estate Planning Attorney)

Quitman, Texas

WOW! Impressive, well-integrated set of documents! Thanks for the help. My confidence level is much higher than if I’d taken the $25 quick and dirty alternative.” (10/15/2018)


Lubbock, Texas

“I would like to thank you for putting these files together and taking the time to explain the process to me. I have some friends that also have NFA trusts and they are nowhere near the quality of the one that you have provided me. I have already recommended you to both family and friends and look forward to doing business with you in the future. My wife and I are needing to draft up a last will and testament and I have every intention of working with you when we are ready. If you have any issues or concerns with the attached documents, please let me know. Thank you again and God bless.” (06/29/2018)

Silencer Shop Employee

Austin, Texas

“It was great talking to you too, Jim. The guys that handle gun trusts here love seeing the excellent customer service you provide and recommend people your way as well. I look forward to talking to you more.” (06/28/2018)


Houston, Texas

“Thank you very much. You make life easy. Well worth the money.”  (06/16/2017)


Crowley, Texas

“I cannot say enough about Jim Willi and the services that he offers. After having purchased an online generic trust elsewhere and becoming concerned with the quality and accuracy of that product, I came across Jim and his services. The difference between the two cannot be described in words. I now have confidence in my trust and have peace of mind that my assets and family will be secure. I was so impressed with Jim and his expertise, I will be using the Willi Law Firm for all of my legal needs going forward! Thanks Jim, you have a fan and client for life!!!”  (02/20/2017)


Denton County, Texas

“I had considered the generic NFA Trust package from Silencerco. It was less expensive and provided standardized forms. I choose Mr. Willi because he provided one-on-one consultation and a well prepared NFA Trust package that included better inclusions than the standard forms others offered. He offered very thorough explanations, was quick to respond to questions and actually answered his phone. Very knowledgeable because he practices what he “preaches”. You get what you pay for and I highly recommend his services.”  (02/28/2017)


Houston, Texas

“Thanks so much for your thorough explanations and help in this matter. Again, your website contents are second to none. It was a pleasure working with you.”  (01/06/2017)

J.H. (Vice President, Large Bank Trust & Estate Department)

Dallas, Texas

“Hello Jim and Tracy. I am an attorney admitted in the State of Indiana, and I have been employed as a Bank Trust Officer for over 30 years. Based on my education, my Indiana Bar Membership and my 30+ years of Trust experience… I am qualified to prepare my own Estate Planning and Trust documents. However, I have never done so, because I truly believe in the old adage… An attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Based on my perusal, I am very impressed with the quality of your NFA Trust Document Package… your professional attention to detail… and also with your prompt reply to my personal needs. Best Regards, J.H.”


Williamson County, Texas

“Thanks for making the overall trust process smooth and painless. It was worth every penny. I know my buddies feel the same way, and you’ll probably be getting contacted by another of our little group in the future as well. I will give you a call when I am ready to do my Form 1 for SBR and walk through the submission as we had discussed.”

T.C. (Dentist)

Sherman, Texas

“I just want to take a moment and say thank you. You have made this the simplest and most straightforward process I have ever experienced. Thank you for personally calling and taking time to explain everything. I am truly grateful for your help in making this a wonderful experience. Rest assured that I will be telling my friends and family where to go to have the best service possible. I am always pleased to work with men who seem to be truly professional and excellent at what they do and you, sir, are definitely in that category. Again, thank you.”

B.W. (Class 3 Dealer)

Austin, Texas

“All of my customers have said that you have taken good care of them. Much appreciated!”


Houston, Texas

“The gun trust documents look great. I am so glad we went to you instead of accepting the terrible generic trust document our local gun shop sold us. Your version is very well thought out and will work for us much better. Thanks again!”

J.S. (Retired Chairman of the Board, Publicly-Traded Financial Services Corporation)

Dallas, Texas

“As we discussed by phone a few moments ago, I want to reiterate how much I appreciate your help in setting up our NFA Trust. Having dealt with many attorneys in my 40-plus-year professional life, I can say with certainty that you provided the greatest value for your fee of any attorney in my experience. I especially appreciate your thoroughness in reviewing the documents after execution and ensuring that all is in order. Again, many thanks. Feel free to use any part or all of my comments publicly if they would be useful to you or to encourage others to consider your NFA Trust creation services.”

L.S. (U.S. Customs & Border Protection)

Kingsville, Texas

“I would like to thank Mr. Willi for his personal phone call on Saturday, following up on my original email. The personal service and commitment truly sets your law firm apart from others.”


Denton County, Texas

“Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate how fast and painless it was to set up my trust. I will definitely refer your services to anyone I hear looking to set up a trust. I can’t thank you enough for walking me through the process and easing any fears I had along the way. Again, thank you for an incredible job.”

B.L. (Operations Director, Major Oil Drilling Equipment Manufacturer)

Houston, Texas

“Outstanding! Thank you very much!”

M.H. (Major Firearms Manufacturer’s Sales Representative)

Austin, Texas

Jim, this is fantastic. I feel so much better about my legal footing after doing this through you. Thanks again man! Lets go shoot soon. I’m about to have a [new badass firearm] in my demo kit that we’ll need to blow the dust off of. Later!”


R.G. (Section Manager, Large Semiconductor Corporation)

Pflugerville, Texas

“I wish that I would have known about you sooner. I am completely impressed with your ability to get this done and your availability for any/all of my questions/concerns. I will be sure to share my positive experiences with everyone that I come in contact with that can use your services. Also, we will more than likely be in touch with you again for estate planning.”

M.M. (U.S. Army, Shindand Air Base, Herat Province, Afghanistan)

El Paso, Texas

“Mr. Willi, the pleasure was all mine, sir. You eased a lot of worries that were on my mind over this process. It’s safe to say the recommendations were all spot on, and I will gladly be recommending you to my friends as well!”


Austin, Texas

“Thanks for the super fast response and work.  I’ll definitely be sending referrals your way!”


Houston, Texas

“Jim-you ROCK. Be sure to use me as a reference for future clients…I’ll walk you on water. Thanks again for such Great Service!!! Happy July 4th!”

C.L. (U.S. Army, Kandahar Air Field, Kandahar Province, Afghanistan)

Houston, Texas

“Awesome! Thanks for everything, Jim! This was quick and easy, great price, and you’re very thorough with the way you do business. I’ve already been spreading the word out here [in Afghanistan]. God Bless!”

H.C. (Physician)

Richardson, Texas

“Thank you again for being so thorough. There are many people out there offering services to help form NFA trusts out there, but no one is as thorough as you are. I will recommend you to any of my friends and family who may be interested in forming a NFA trust.”

M.V. (Police Officer)

San Antonio, Texas

“Thank you for all of your help. You made this whole convoluted process very easy to digest. If anyone I know takes an interest in owning an NFA firearm in the future, I will definitely send them your way.”

J.M. (General Manager)

Collin County, Texas

“Thanks for this [amended and restated gun trust]. So much more comprehensive than my last gun trust [prepared by a Houston ‘gun trust’ attorney].”


Wilson County, Texas

“Jim, I cannot thank you enough for the prompt service and personal attention that you gave me concerning my NFA gun trust and my five ATF Form 1s. I just received all of my approved ATF tax stamps. I will certainly recommend you when the topic of NFA trusts comes up.”

B.M. (General Counsel, Large Corp.)

Houston, Texas

“Great document and informational package you sent me.  Very good job!”

M.C. (Police Officer)

Bexar County, Texas

“Thanks Jim for all your help.  I can’t believe the hardest part of this process was getting everyone together to sign the forms.  I wish I would have done this last year.  If anyone I know ever considers setting up a NFA Trust I will direct them your way.”


Round Rock, Texas

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and for your knowledgeable assistance with my questions.  I have also been impressed at how easy it is to get in touch with you personally.”


El Paso, Texas

“Jim, Thank you so much for all your hard work.  This couldn’t have been easier.  You took the time to answer all of my questions and even took care of issues that I hadn’t even considered.  I cannot say enough about your professionalism.  I should have done this years ago.  Thanks again.”


Houston, Texas

“I really appreciate the thoroughness and responsiveness with which you completed this work for me.”


Fort Worth, Texas

“Thank you for your help in setting up my NFA trust.  I cannot believe how quick and easy you made it.”


Round Rock, Texas

“Wow, that was quick and WAY more than expected.  Thanks!”

B.T. (Police Officer)

Tarrant County, Texas

“I will refer everyone to you I can.  You made this process painless and explained everything in great detail.”


Williamson County, Texas

“Thanks so much for taking the time to set this up for me, and also for the excellent instructions you included.  The end package is definitely more than I expected to get, and completely worth the investment!  Thanks again!”


Brazos County, Texas

“I just wanted to say thanks for your work, Jim! The turn-around time was impeccable—2 hours. How could a person ask for any better customer service? Because of this, I was able to go purchase several new suppressors yesterday. I appreciate the detailed instructions as this was all new to me.”


Midland, Texas

“Thanks!  Outstanding service.”


Dallas, Texas

“Thanks!  I have to say, WOW!  This process was easy thanks to you!”


Denton County, Texas

“Jim, One more thing, GREAT SERVICE!!  THANK YOU!”


Should I “Amend and Restate” My Gun Trust?

James N. WilliOver the years, we have written thousands of gun trusts for our Texas gun trust clients. In addition, we have re-written many gun trusts prepared by other gun trust providers, including most of the Texas gun trust attorneys advertising on the Internet or at gun shows, as well as inexpensive “do-it-yourself” form gun trusts sold by Class 3 dealers and silencer manufacturers that are designed to move their inventory out the door. After becoming aware of the limitations of their original gun trusts and discovering the unique capabilities of our gun trust, many of their clients and customers have made the decision to upgrade their gun trusts to our design and format. For these clients, we provide an “Amended and Restated” gun trust that is a very substantial amendment to their current gun trust.

Overview of Trust Basics

Most gun trusts are revocable living trusts. Essentially, a revocable living trust is a contract between the Settlor and the Trustee. The Settlor is the owner of the items held by the trust. The Trustee’s duty is to manage the trust property on behalf of the Settlor (while the Settlor is living) and on behalf of the Beneficiary (after the death of the Settlor). The key to a revocable living trust is that it is revocable, which means that the Settlor (while living) can change, amend, modify, revoke, or terminate the provisions of the trust agreement at any time.

The document used to change, amend, or modify a trust agreement is referred to as an “amendment.” The document used to revoke or terminate a trust agreement is referred to as a “revocation.” However, the document used to amend and completely supersede the terms of the original trust agreement is referred to as an “amendment and restatement.” The name of the trust and the Settlor of the trust remains the same, but each and every other provision of the original trust agreement is replaced by the terms of the amended trust agreement. The property previously held by the trust is still held by the same trust after the amendment.

Handwritten Changes to a Trust Agreement Are Invalid

When a Settlor wants to change, amend, or modify a trust agreement, the Settlor cannot simply mark the changes on the original trust document and then place the original trust agreement back into the file. Why? Because an amendment must be signed with the same formalities as the original trust agreement. As a result, handwritten changes to the original trust agreement may void the entire trust agreement (at worst) or are required to be ignored by the Trustee (at best).

When is an Amendment Versus an Amendment and Restatement Required?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding when an amendment is required as opposed to an amendment and restatement. Each amendment is a permanent change to the trust agreement, so once an amendment is executed with the proper formalities, the Settlor cannot simply throw the amendment away and pretend it never happened. Further, each amendment is usually attached at the end of the original trust agreement, so every time an amendment is executed, the number of pages that makes up the complete trust agreement increases. If several amendments have been executed over the years, keeping track of the current Trustees, Beneficiaries, Successor Trustees, and the current provisions of the trust agreement can be a challenge. Instead, an Amendment and Restatement should be considered, because all changes are consolidated into one document.

If the changes that a Settlor wants to make are minimal, such as changing who will serve as a Successor Trustee or updating a Beneficiary or Successor Trustee’s legal name due to marriage or divorce, then a simple amendment will work just fine. On the other hand, if the Settlor wants to make significant changes to the trust, such as adding or removing Trustees and/or Beneficiaries, or upgrading the trust to a better format that allows the use of certain management documents such as we provide, then we recommend a complete amendment and restatement of the trust.

Amendment and Restatement of a Gun Trust

When an amendment and restatement of a gun trust document is executed, all current Beneficiary designations, Trustee and Successor Trustee appointments, and all other provisions of the current gun trust are consolidated into one document. All firearms that were purchased or assigned to the gun trust still remain in the same gun trust. In other words, an amendment and restatement does not change existence of the gun trust itself—it only changes the controlling terms of the gun trust. The next time that the Settlor buys an NFA firearm, the original trust agreement and any amendments executed before the date of the amendment and restatement are not provided to the ATF. Instead, the Settlor provides the ATF a copy of the amended and restated gun trust.

How Do You Know Whether You Need to Amend and Restate Your Gun Trust?

When we prepare an amendment and restatement of our clients’ gun trusts, it almost always corrects many of the problems created by other gun trust providers. Below are many of the problems that we have seen when reviewing gun trusts prepared elsewhere. If your gun trust has any of these issues, you should consider upgrading to our “Amended and Restated” gun trust.

  • Your gun trust contains a “Schedule A” or inventory of your firearms. Our gun trust is specifically designed to protect your privacy relating to your ownership of firearms. When a third party, such as a gun shop employee or the ATF sees our gun trust, the only property described in our gun trust is the initial contribution of $1.00. Other gun trusts include a Schedule A and/or an Inventory of Trust Assets for listing all firearms in the trust and for disclosing a detailed list of the firearms to all third parties who see a copy of the trust document. Our amended and restated gun trust eliminates this security breach.
  • Your gun trust lists you as a settlor, but not as a trustee, of your own gun trust. This means that you own the NFA firearms in your gun trust, but you cannot legally use or possess those NFA firearms! The trustee of a gun trust is the only party who can legally possess the NFA firearms held by the gun trust. This gun trust is sold by some gun trust providers who do not understand the basic requirements of a gun trust. If you are illegally in possession of your own NFA firearms, because you are not listed as a trustee, you need to amend and restate your gun trust with us immediately.
  • Your gun trust lists several trustees, but did not require the signatures of those other trustees. Since a gun trust is essentially a contract between the settlor and the trustee(s), a trustee is not a trustee unless he or she signs a document acknowledging that he or she accepts the duties and responsibilities of a trustee. Individuals who are merely listed in gun trusts, but who never signed the gun trust document are not trustees at all. Both you and your “fake” trustee may be committing a felony if you lend your NFA firearms to that person. If you want the ability to easily add and remove co-trustees whenever you would like to do so, our amended and restated gun trust will do this.
  • Your gun trust lists several trustees who have each signed your trust document to become a trustee. These trustees are real trustees. This means that, in order to comply with ATF 41F, you will need to round up all of these trustees to provide fingerprints, photographs, and notification to each of their respective Chief Local Law Enforcement Officers (CLEO) each time YOU want to purchase another NFA firearm. With our “Amended and Restated” gun trust and the management documents that work with it, you are in complete control of who is a trustee and when they are a trustee.
  • Your gun trust allows beneficiaries to use and possess the NFA firearms in your gun trust without first requiring them to be trustees. Many gun trusts allow all of the beneficiaries of the gun trust to use and possess the NFA firearms in the gun trust, regardless of whether the beneficiary is also serving as a trustee. Because of ATF 41F, all “responsible persons” (generally, anyone allowed to use and possess the NFA firearms) of these gun trusts are required to be fingerprinted and photographed. If you have one of these gun trusts, you may very well be required to submit fingerprints and photographs of infants and minor children, even though it is illegal for them to use and possess the NFA firearms in the gun trust. One of the largest silencer dealers in Texas sold thousands of these gun trusts to their unsuspecting customers.
  • Your gun trust contains a provision that allows your beneficiaries to vote unanimously to terminate the trust and liquidate the firearms held by the trust. Look for the term “unanimous” or “if at any time all beneficiaries consent in writing” in your trust. If you find one of those terms, it is likely contained in a provision that lets your kids vote to sell your firearms (while you are still living) and buy that Mustang they have always wanted. One of the largest silencer dealers in Texas sold thousands of these gun trusts to their unsuspecting customers.
  • Your gun trust refers to “limited trustees.” There is no such thing as a limited trustee. It was a made-up term by gun trust providers to try to skirt around the new definition of “responsible person” under ATF 41F. If a trust attempts to limit the powers of a trustee, it may run afoul of state statutes that require a trustee to have certain powers to be considered a trustee at all. See our recent post warning of the dangers of limited trustees in gun trusts.
  • Your gun trust makes no reference to the statutes governing gun ownership. This is a trust that has been downloaded from some common software, such as Quicken WillMaker. This is not a gun trust. It does not provide your trust with any protection if someone on your trust becomes a “prohibited person.” Even Nolo (the distributors of the Quicken WillMaker Living Trust) expressly states, “If you want to create gun trust, get personalized legal advice from an expert on gun laws. Nolo living trusts are designed for the people who simply want to pass on their asset while avoiding probate.” See https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/can-i-nolo-living-trust-gun-trust.html. We can fix your trust. Call us!
  • Your gun trust does not allow you to add or remove a trustee without “amending” the trust. Some gun trust providers have devised a way to add or remove trustees with a series of “amendments.” Every “amendment” to a trust is part of the trust that must be submitted to the ATF along with the main trust document when you make your next purchase. Some gun trust providers suggest that you can simply shred the “amendment” after you no longer need it, such as immediately after you file an ATF application disclosing fewer trustees. This is simply wrong and might have serious consequences to you if the ATF ever discovered this. We provide the appropriate management documents to legally add and remove trustees without amending your trust.
  • Your gun trust does not provide for successor trustee designations. One of the best ways to protect your gun trust is to name one or more successor trustees. This is our fail-safe position in the gun trust so that, if something happens to you and the trust loses all of its trustees, there is always someone who can step up to the position of trustee and legally possess the firearms. If your beneficiaries are young children, you would need a successor trustee who could hold on to the firearms until the beneficiaries were old enough to make their own decisions about the firearms. The successor trustee in our gun trust is not considered a “responsible person” under ATF 41F, because he or she only becomes a trustee if certain conditions are met in the future.
  • Your gun trust limited you in the number of beneficiaries that you could name. This poses a real problem if you have other children who were simply not listed because there was no space to add that information in your gun trust. With our gun trust, we allow you to name as many primary and as many secondary beneficiaries as necessary for your particular circumstance.

Would you like to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you received a high-quality Texas NFA gun trust from a Texas attorney who is recommended by several of the largest and most successful Class 3 dealers in the United States? Let’s get started!

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